The products
The good coarse-grained salami of the old times, prepared with the traditional attention to milling, according to the ancient family recipe. With its palatable paste we make: Crespone and Cresponetto, Turista, Cacciatorino, and the exclusive Truffle Salami, with the addition of flakes of black truffle, as well as salamis with edible boletus and salamis with chilli pepper.

Average weight
Truffle salami 400gr, cacciatorino 200gr, crespone 2500gr, cresponetto 1000gr, turista (‘tourist’) 500gr.

Primary ingredients
Selected cuts from the thigh and underbelly of Italian heavy pork, from fine breeds breeds that have always been reared in an inner circle of regions of northern Italy, with certifications of origin and product line.
salumi CIMA
Sea salt, black pepper, white pepper, natural flavours. ‘Sweet’ processing , with reduced salt.

Nitrates and nitrites. It contains neither milk nor its derivatives.

The meat, as lean as necessary to confer a peculiar softness, comes with the fat coarse-grained and spiced, all stuffed in a bowel.

In air-conditioned store-rooms under constant humidity control.

Slow and careful in air-conditioned store-rooms from 30 to 90 days depending on the weight.