Lardo Baciato

The product
A result of its inventor Gianpaolo Grattorola’s experience and creative talent, the Lardo Baciato di Cimaferle is born from the uncommon combination of tender salted lard, wrapped up in an excellent salami paste. An original recipe, surprisingly new, for a unique and delicious salami.

Average weight
600/700 gs.

Primary ingredients
Valuable cuts of heavy pork of national production, from selected breeds traditionally reared within a small area in Northern Italian regions, with a certification of origin and cut.


Sea salt, black pepper, white pepper, natural flavours. Salami in sweet processing, reduced salt addition.

salumi CIMA
Nitrates and nitrites. It contains neither milk nor its derivatives

The salted pork lard is laid down on the pork meat previously minced to a coarse-grained paste, and carefully rolled up to keep its pure delicate soul in the centre of the salami.
Then stuffed in a bowel.

In air-conditioned store-rooms under constant humidity control.

Slow and careful in air-conditioned store-rooms from 30 to 60 days.