Here is Granddad ...

salumi CIMA
You’d think you could still see him at work, Granddad. Time went by slowly, but he always chose the right moments: seasons and moons. Without hurry.
Then there was the attention for the raw materials: Granddad knew the story of each animal and he followed its diet, in the name of absolute safety.
And when, finally, it was time to taste his salamis, our senses abandoned to intense fragrances, to full and extraordinary flavours...
The eye was pleased, too, because Granddad looked after the tiniest detail, just as we do now, having received the gift of his recipes and his art.
We have collected from him each little piece of advice, we certify quality and guarantee security, we are devoted to our products, and we do all this out of respect for tradition.

He would have been so happy to know that we, his grandchildren, have also succeeded in creating a new salami, special and unique, but above all with a soul! A white soul for the exclusive Lardo Baciato.
It is true, indeed: our salamis have a heart - the Filetto Baciato with its soft, fragrant and savoury heart - and a soul - the Lardo Baciato with its delicate soul, tender and of refined taste.
They will tickle your palate. Right, Granddad?